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Read an adventure story

Hello! If you are here, halfway is already done! You are reading the text that will help you to save the world (and become a programmer).

CodeEasy is an interactive C# course that is built on top of an adventure story. You read the story and progress through the course, saving the world and sharpening your C# mastery at the same time! CodeEasy consists of 3 courses:

  1. Entry level course - 6 chapters.
  2. Intermediate course - 6 chapters.
  3. Mid level course - 6 chapters.

The entry level course helps you to write the first code lines, and dive into a diverse world of programming. You will travel to the future with the main character of the story - Teo, and learn that Earth needs your help in the war against machines. The only way to help is to learn C#.

The intermediate course contains a little deeper dive into C# theory and practice compared to the elementary course. All topics covered in entry level and intermediate courses are essential for you to become a programmer.

The mid-level course goes through object-oriented practices and concepts in C#. These are necessary to build enterprise software, web portals, and, basically, any program that is going to be maintained by more than 1 programmer.

First of all, to solve tasks on CodeEasy, you need to Sign Up for free at the website. As soon as you do this, you will get trial access of 7 days to all courses.
To start education — go to the Entry level course page and click on the first chapter.

First chapter

Solve tasks

It is impossible to learn programming by reading theory about programming, same as it is impossible to learn skiing by the book. The missing element here would be... practice!

Practical tasks on CodeEasy look like this:

Closed task

If eventually, you solve a task, you'll get the indicated amount of Leaderboard points. Leaderboard points are used to define your place on the Leaderboard.

You need to click the "Code" button to start coding. Task description is hiding above the coding area. If your program needs any input — provide it in the input field. When you've finished writing code and want to check it — click the "Run" button. Results appear in the results field. If you want to resize the coding area — there is a little handle for this as well.

Closed task

After you run the task, it can either pass all CodeEasy tests or not. Messages that tell you the result will appear in a popup. If the problem is solved correctly, you can click the "Compare" button and compare your code with CodeEasy team's code.

If your code does not pass all CodeEasy tests — you will get an error message and info about what test failed. It could be that your program produces an unexpected output or misses an 'if' statement. After several failed attempts you will get a hint button. Press it to receive a few tips from the course creator on how you can approach the task.

Solve For Me

Don't worry, saving the world is not that straightforward, sometimes. Take your time, try different approaches, consider as well asking in the CodeEasy Forum, or take a look, at how Senior developers from CodeEasy solved this task. This feature is called "Solve For Me," you can use it by pressing the button with a smiley face.
IMPORTANT: Be aware that you can't use Solve For Me more often than once per hour, and you will not get leaderboard points for the task if you have used Solve For Me.

Once you solve 80% of the tasks in the chapter - it will be marked with a "Solved" mark. Hovering the progress bar on the chapter's image will show your progress.

Get to the top of the Leaderboard

It is nice to study, but it is even more fun to sometimes compete with other students, right? We've introduced a leaderboard where you can see how many leaderboard points you have earned, compared to others.
To check your position on the leaderboard, click on the icon on the top of the page of every course or follow this direct link to Leaderboard.


Join CodeEasy Forum

If you have any questions or suggestions - CodeEasy Forum is the place to address them. Don't hesitate to create a topic when you are stuck solving the task or want to suggest us an improvement.

We are closely monitoring everything that happens in the forum, so your questions will quickly receive an answer.

Dive deeper into C#

First, see how entry level course works for you. Did you learn anything new? Was it fun? Did you like it? Do you want more? If you answer "yes" on most of those questions, then Beginner and Intermediate courses are a way to go!

Please, never stop learning. First, you learn the basics, then you learn to prepare for coding interviews, then, you learn at work, and so on. Learning develops you and makes you a better version of yourself.

Have an incredible journey at CodeEasy!