CodeEasy instructions for students

Read an adventure story

CodeEasy is a platform where you can learn C# and Python by following an adventure story. As you progress through the course, you'll save the world while honing your coding skills. We offer a variety of courses, covering everything from the basics to object-oriented programming. If you are an individual learner, browse through our courses to find the one that suits you. If you're a student in a school or college, dive into the course assigned by your teacher.

Solve Tasks

Theory alone won't make you a programming expert, just as reading about skiing won't make you a pro on the slopes. The missing element? Practice!

Practical tasks on CodeEasy:

1. Click the ‘Code’ button to start coding

2. A coding window will appear.

a. Task description: Task description is hiding above the coding area.

b. Run and Check: Click the ‘Run’ button to check your solution.

c. Reset code: Erase all your changes.

d. Compare to CodeEasy: Click this button to compare your solution to an experienced software developer's solution.

e. Get a hint: Get a clue to solve the task.(With the help of this you can solve the task in the correct manner)

f. Navigate to Community: Ask for help to solve tasks.

g. CE solves the task for you: If you are not able to solve the task, CodeEasy will solve it for you.

h. Input Area: Provide input in this field, if a program requires one.

i. Output Area: You can see the result of your program in this section.

j. Coding area: The main coding area where you write the code.

k. Solved task: You successfully completed the task.


3. In case of any errors after checking your solution, you will receive error details in a popup.

Continue in the course

Once you have tried out the entry-level course, pursue Intermediate and Mid-level courses. Do not stop; keep learning to grow and improve. Have an incredible journey at CodeEasy!

Join CodeEasy Forum

Use the CodeEasy Forum for questions and suggestions. Create a topic when you need help or want to share an improvement. We monitor the forum closely and respond quickly.

Time to dive into studies!