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/ month7 days free trial
  • 223 practical tasks
  • 41 C# lessons
  • Access to saved solutions
  • Visual Studio extension



/ month7 days free trial
  • Everything from Basic
  • and
  • Help from one of our mentors via text chat sessions

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14 days free trial
  • Ready-made programming course
  • 220+ practicals
  • Progress monitoring
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I unsubscribe?

We will stop charging you, and you will have access to your CodeEasy account till the end of the period that you paid for.

How does the trial access work?

For a duration of 7 days, you can use the trial access to test out CodeEasy. During those days you can use all CodeEasy functions, including solving tasks in all chapters and Visual Studio Extension.

What is included in the mentor support?

You can ask any questions related to the CodeEasy programming tutorial and even ask for an explanation of topics or task solutions. If your question is outside the course curriculum, we canโ€™t guarantee that our mentors will know the answer right away, but we will do our best to answer them.

How long does it take to finish CodeEasy?

You study at your own pace, CodeEasy has no restrictions. Usually, 6 months is enough to study through all the chapters in the average tempo.

How does the Mentor help work?

If you subscribe to a Mentor plan, we will email you the link to book your sessions with a mentor. You can read more about it on our forum.

Can I use CodeEasy to teach my class in school?

For schools, we have a CodeEasy for Teachers subscription. Please, apply for a teacher account to learn more.

What is Paddle and why do I see their logo on the receipt?

Paddle is a Payments Infrastructure operating as a merchant of record. Just like the App Store, Paddle acts as a reseller - taking care of payment methods, global sales tax and billing support.

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