CodeEasy supports Ukraine

Dmytro Shervarly
Dmytro Shervarly
CEO & Co-founder at CodeEasyLast updated on 7/3/2024

It’s no secret that CodeEasy is deeply connected to Ukraine, as all of the co-founders are originally Ukrainians (currently living in Sweden). As such, we can't stay silent and want to express our support to all of the brave Ukrainians who are fighting for their lives and freedom not only for Ukraine but for the whole civilized world.

A big part of every war in the 21st century is an informational, or "cyber" war. Information became a new modality not only in our daily lives but also on the battlefield. IT professionals work on blocking websites, analyzing satellite photos, coordinating defense forces, etc. This makes software development skills even more crucial in 2022. Having IT knowledge can help you to protect your country and your people if the time comes (even though we hope it will never be necessary).

We receive questions from people all over the world about how they can support Ukraine in its fight for freedom.

Here is a list of charities you can make donations to:

You can also check what type of help is the most urgent at the website of the Ukrainian embassy in your country (or their official Facebook page if the website is down).

Stay safe!