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The Jump

I would like to tell you an interesting story. It happened to me several years ago. Or was it one hundred years ahead? Time is so tricky, you know…

I was a happy person. I had friends, a job, and even a little Ford Focus. One day, I was driving my Ford back home from my job, when something very bright appeared in the middle of the road. It was growing very fast, and in a moment it became impossible to dodge it. Then everything went black.

programming samurai

Brave New World

Hello world__C#

When I opened my eyes, I felt a terrible headache. Then I saw the face of some guy I had never met showing me three fingers. He asked:
"How many fingers?"
"Bingo, he can count!" He said as he turned to someone behind him.
"Where am I?" My brain began to realize that something very strange had happened.
He turned back to me. "The right question is not where, but when."
"Come on, are you serious? Are you telling me I’m in the future? I watched way too many movies about time travel, so just cut it. Better tell me what drug you gave me and maybe I won’t call the police."
"Yes, you are right, sir. I’m really sorry for this situation." His voice was so quiet and apologetic that I almost felt sorry for him. "You can go as soon as you wish. The only problem is that we put all your belongings in that room." He pointed to a big white door. "And none of us can open it. Maybe you can?"
"What? you put all my belongings in a locked room you can't open? Why? Give me some pills for a headache! Help me, I’m lying here almost naked! And now you are telling me about some door? What the heck is going on here?"
"Sorry, the medicines are also behind the door."
"OK, I see that you are not kidding. Let me look at that stupid door!"
I got up and walked closer to the door.

There was a sign on it:

To open this door, input the secret password. The secret password is "Enter the programming world!". But in order to output it using code, enter: Console.WriteLine("Enter the programming world!");

I found a keyboard and a screen to the left of the door. I tried typing: Enter the programming world! but nothing happened. Well, someone giggled behind my back, but that's not what I wanted.
The guy approached me and gave me some hints on how to proceed.
"To write a program, it is not enough to simply type a text that you want to output. You need to paste it inside the Console.WriteLine command and surround with quotes."

Maybe, this was some kind of test and I was flunking badly...my head was still not working right. But then I remembered that the note on the door said to "enter" some strange text with the password. Why not? I tried typing:

Console.WriteLine("Enter the programming world!");

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The door opened. I didn't know it then, but it opened a new beginning for me. That day completely changed my life. The day when I wrote my first C# program.

Computer room behind the door

Behind the door, I found a dark room with a big table and two chairs in the middle. In the center of the table, I noticed a large old screen with a keyboard. I could recognize the text on this green screen: "Hello, Teo."
I took one of the chairs and replied, "Hello. Who are you? How can I get out of here?"