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Teach C# through an adventure story

Teaching computer science by following an adventure story dramatically increases engagement. Checked by thousands of learners worldwide, CodeEasy offers a complete solution.

Developed for teachers

Lots of practice

CodeEasy presents you with 223 coding tasks and automated solution checking.

Progress tracking

Follow your students' progress by an intuitive interface and see how they are doing.


The programming course is designed with a focus on complete beginners.

Affordable pricing

CodeEasy license starts at $19 per student per month. No hidden fees.

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Why CodeEasy?

  1. Designed by senior software developers

  2. Polished by thousands of learners

  3. Flat learning curve

  4. Flexible pricing plans

What our users say

We are thrilled to share what our students think about us!

After wasting weeks and months on boring tutorials and courses I stumbled upon CodeEasy! That was my gamechanger, never before learning was so exciting and fun. I love that D&D storytelling style!

CodeEasy user Dave Schneider
Dave Schneider

Student at CodeEasy

I've taken classes for coding, with horrible teachers so I left knowing almost nothing, and other sites just lacked the motivation to continue. Having a story behind the lessons helped a lot to keep me interested.

CodeEasy user Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson

Lead Developer at Bound By Blades

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